"The Absolutes Best!"
Kirsten is a supportive and encouraging teacher and her knowledge base in the area of women's health and fertility is world class.  
16 Simple Key Points You Can Learn to Become a Fertile Life Method Expert
You also get access to Kirsten's dropbox with lots of 
Extra Information Lifetime Mentoring 
through a private FB group.
Here's what the seminar will help you learn, understand and integrate into your practice:
  • Knowing fertility inside out, back to front and upside down!
  • Interactive practical sessions each day, getting you out of your seat and integrating the information learnt to get a better understanding.
  • Knowing exactly why your patient is “infertile”.
  • How to treat from Shen to Shen - trusting yourself, building rapport and gathering information easily.
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and hormones.
  • Gathering all the correct information from your patient – seeing what is being missed.
  • BBT charting and how to use as a diagnostic tool in your practice.
  • Fertility Blood tests – which ones are needed and how to interpret them.
  • IVF and Chinese medicine – non-protocol knowledge and the latest advancements from overseas.
  • Treatment of female infertility as a speciality.
  • Immunology and Recurrent Miscarriage - how to prevent it and what tests are needed.
  • Gynaecological conditions - PCOS, Ammenorhea, Ashermans etc
  • Luteal phase defect
  • Male Infertility - covering all aspects of this important topic.
  • Lifestyle, Diet and supplementation.
  • Practical Sessions to integrate what you learn each day.
  • Register now to become a Fertile Life Method Expert and read the reviews below:
Here's what the seminar won’t be about:
X Acupuncture Research Protocols

X Chinese medicine history of fertility

X Herbs for fertility

X Sitting in a chair all day listening to lecture after lecture.
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Date: 5-7/4/2019 
(Friday - Sunday)
Venue: NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM - Auckland Campus
Room 5, 382 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023
Fee: $999 NZD 
Early Bird: $888NZD (before 5/03/20190)
Super Early Bird: 855 NZD
(before 5/02/2019) 

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Here's a fun and practical photo from Kirsten's workshop 
Broaden Your Understanding of Treating Fertility
Gain more confidence in your treatment and the way you think and feel.
However things are for you right now, they can be better.
Are you a seasoned fertility practitioner?
Are you looking to increase your success rate?
Do you want to learn more about fertility?
Are you a new practitioner?
Do you need to know everything about fertility?
Do you want to gain confidence in your fertility practice?
Or are you somewhere in between?
It doesn't matter which is the case ... it can always be better. 
You can always learn more, become a Better Practitioner, gain More Knowledge and Confidence.
Do You Want to...
1. Broaden and deepen your understanding for treating fertility?
2. Gain more confidence in your treatment and the way you think and feel?
3. Build great patient relationships fast - and improve the ones you have?
4. Make better, wiser treatment plans – know why your patient can’t get pregnant and the precise steps to achieve pregnancy?
5. Become more confident and develop your own uniqueness as a fertility practitioner?
If You Answer 'YES" to Any of The Above
We strongly suggest you Join Kirsten's workshop. 

Here's What You Are Going to Get...
1. Kirsten will be covering a lot of ground, and doing so in a fairly practical, straight-talking, no-nonsense way. 
2. You will develop solid skills and knowledge throughout this course to treat fertility successfully, which you can utilise at your earliest convenience.
Register Kirsten's Fertile Life Method Workshop Now.
DON'T FORGET that You also get access to Kirsten's dropbox with lots of Extra Information
plus Lifetime Mentoring through a private FB group.
 At No Additional Cost - Completely Free!
Date: 5-7/4/2019 (Friday - Sunday) 830am-530pm
Venue: NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM - Auckland Campus
Room 5, 382 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023
Fee: $999 NZD 
Early Bird: $888NZD (before 5/03/2019)
Super Early Bird: 855 NZD (before 5/02/2019)
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What Feedback from other Practitioners that have attended training by Kirsten Wolfe...

"A must attend for all practitioners and students wishing to improve their results in clinic overall, and particularly in the sphere of natural fertility" Peter Scarselletti B. App. Sci (TCM) | Director of Qiology

I came away from Kirsten's Fertile Life Seminar not only armed with the tools to be a "fertility detective" and the ability to confidently begin to apply that in my practice, but also with the inspiration to achieve the levels of success in fertility cases that Kirsten achieves on a daily basis in her practice, through her years of perseverance in developing a unique, and complete system of awakening the body's innate potential of fertility through the principles of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, NLP, Nutritional Supplementation and Dietary Principles.
I was also very impressed with Kirsten's solid grasp of NLP, and patient-practitioner interaction skills that enable her to directly connect with patients instantly, and appropriately, based on their unique individual needs. This is a skill that all practitioners should aspire to bring into their practice to transform the lives of their patients.

"Learning Kirsten's Fertile Life Method has completely transformed my practice" Anna McMullen 
B.HSc (Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine)

I have attended one of Kirsten's seminars and found her lecturing style to be informed and engaging. Not only that, I have been fortunate enough to work with Kirsten as my mentor in a clinical setting.
She is a supportive and encouraging teacher and her knowledge base in the area of women's health and fertility is world class.
Learning Kirsten's Fertile Life Method has completely transformed my practice, and I highly recommend anyone working in the area of fertility to take this opportunity to learn from her..

"This seminar far exceeded my expectations." Acupuncture student

This seminar far exceeded my expectations. As a student, I now feel confident in treating a wide range of womens' health issues relating to fertility and am looking forward to using the knowledge gained into my clinical practice treatments. The resources and mentoring group are greatly appreciated and will aid in treating future fertility patients. Thank you.

"I loved Kirsten's seminar..." Isabelle Acupuncturist

I loved Kirsten's seminar, I came back to my clinic motivated and with some new strategies I hadn't tried before. After attending to a lot of seminars on the subject its difficult to find new ways that have been tried and work instead of research that is often difficult to put into practice and often boring!

I am also amazed at the generosity and the huge amount of documents shared by Kirsten. I would highly recommend this seminar. Thank you Kirsten. 

Join & learn Fertile Life Method 3 Day Workshop and Be Transparent  with 
My Coaching Program Right Now
Get access to My Dropbox with a lots of Extra Fertility Information &
 Lifetime Mentoring through a private FB group.

From the Desk of: Kirsten Wolfe

My teaching style is practical, straightforward , engaging and fun. It's now your chance to get started using the top Fertility Coaching Expert Workshop.
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Hi, I'm Kirsten Wolfe the director of Mornington Chinese Medicine, an acupuncture only clinic and I'm honoured to work with a team of 6 talented Acupuncturists.

After successfully treating fertility for over 15 years, The Fertile Life™ method was designed by me, it is an accumulation of my study, clinical experience and unique knowledge.

My practice solely focuses on treatment of Reproductive and Women’s health conditions such as infertility (natural and IVF), pregnancy, pre birth, labour and post natal.This has allowed me to become extremely knowledgeable in the field of fertility. Known as “the baby maker” by my patients and professional colleges. I have treated thousands of couples and helped them conceive from the easiest cases to the most difficult where I was their last chance.

I have built a strong reputation on the Mornington Peninsula in gynaecology and fertility providing optimum patient care pre and post natal alongside midwives, gynaecologists, obstetricians and IVF specialists. I have trained under Fertility experts such as Randine Lewis (The Fertile Soul Method), Brandon Horne, Yaron Seidman, Jane Lyttleton and Debra Betts, plus I attended the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver with over 18 presenters this year. This has built a vast knowledge of Chinese Reproductive Medicine.
Register & Pay for
Kirsten's Fertile Life Method Workshop Now.
You also get access to Kirsten's dropbox with lots of Extra Information
plus Lifetime Mentoring through a private FB group.
 At No Additional Cost - Completely Free!
Date: 5-7/4/2019 (Saturday - Monday) 830am-530pm
Venue: NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM - Auckland Campus
Room 5, 382 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023
Fee: $999 NZD 
Early Bird: $888NZD 
Super Early Bird: 855 NZD 

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What You Will Learn Each Day.
Day 1
Introduction – Covering the Fertile Life Method

Fertility Detective Work - This is the framework underlying all of The Fertile Life Method. Being able to clearly explain to your patient exactly why they are not fertile, in both Western and Chinese Medicine terms. You will be able to clearly define the best treatment principles, options and treatment duration. This is the core of the Fertile Life Method.​

How to treat from Shen to Shen - trusting yourself, your knowledge and unique treatment style – be ready to explore your thinking in creative new ways with NLP.

Male Reproductive Health – With male fertility is on the decline especially in the last few years. It is paramount when treating fertility that you know how to read sperm test and treat males. We will cover male anatomy and physiology, causes of male infertility, physiology of sperm production, interpreting semen analysis, IVF and supplementation advice, understanding the importance of compliance in lifestyle advice, male fertility detective work. 

Questions and Answers Time

Female Reproductive Health - We will go over this briefly, it is always good to go back to basics. Female anatomy and Physiology, conception, Understanding the menstrual cycle and hormones and HPO axis. Female reproductive health can be confusing, we will break it down making it simple to understand and balance. It takes two to make a baby, understanding this will give you the ability to treat, advise and refer on if needed.

Practicals – We are hands on practitioners so yes we will be enjoying doing practicals on each other! You will feel confident after the practicals and be ready to integrate your new knowledge into your practice immediately.​
Day 2
Female Gynaecological Conditions – Polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, amenorrhea, asherman's, Luteal phase defect. Knowing the signs, symptoms, test and manifestations of these conditions it's imperative in treating fertility. You will gain an indepth understanding of each.

Contraception - A word on the pill and other contraception that affects fertility. With so many women on the pill before conception, understanding what it does to the body will make your treatment more precise.

Fertility Testing – One of western medicine’s greatest strengths in combating infertility lies in its ability to diagnose fertility issues. You will gain a solid foundation of all Fertility testing, how to read blood results and recommend to your patient which ones are needed. Relying on TCM diagnosis is not enough when treating fertility, so much can be missed… integration of east and west is the key to treating fertility successfully.​

Immunology and Recurrent Miscarriage – Understanding NK cell and DQ alpha gene, how to treat them effectively with or without western medicine drugs protocols. Covering recurrent miscarriage, implantation failure diagnosis and treatment.

BBT and Cervical Mucous – How to read and interpret charts, use them as a diagnosis tool and using them to treat natural cycles.​

Practicals and Case Questions – You are welcome to bring in case studies that you are stuck on or need some advice.
Day 3
IVF + Advancements – Understanding the different protocols of IVF and what each drug is designed for. Advancements in IVF that they are using in the USA as well as through Australia. Patients expect us as practitioners to understand the ins and outs of IVF, this is quite complex yet this course will break it down for you in easy to understand chunks. You will be able to explain IVF in detail with your patients and understand the process of IVF.

​Initial Intake and Working With Patients – Getting all the necessary information and seeing what is being missed.
Recent Feedback from a Patient who was treated by Kirsten Wolfe. 
"Its my first Mother’s Day today. I am a Mummy. I never thought this day would come.

How do you put into words, and how on earth do you thank someone for giving you your dream, what you have longed for for so many years…a healthy baby. Each time I try to put my appreciation into words I brim with tears as the emotional roller coaster of the past 3.5 years surges through my heart.

After 3.5 years of trying to bring a baby into this world, 6 early miscarriages and endless heartache, you were our saviour. Your knowledge and know how is unmatched. After so many years of despair, and countless approaches to conceiving successfully, endless research, appointments and blood tests - you came through for us.Here no nonsense approach was exactly what my husband and I needed. Someone who (for once) knew a hell of a lot more than me about what we needed to do. I say we because it takes two healthy balanced humans to make a healthy baby. You are a specialist in the fertility field. My husband and I did The Fertile Life Method - for 3 months.

After 3 months of the program, ‘no-trying’, gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and night shade free diet, weekly acupuncture, vitamins and herbs for both of us), and we conceived on May 17 2014. On February 11th, 2015, Ace Harley Hill was born 3.380kg bundle of sheer joy to his ridiculously proud parents. He is 3 months old now and sleeps through the night rarely cries, a perfect child, yet I have never cried so much in my life. My tears are ALL heart melting tears of overwhelming happiness. Every time I look at him, I appreciate what it took to bring him into this world, and to you Kirst, he is testament to you and your ability to make babies."

Forever in our hearts, love Sarsha, Mark and baby Ace XO​
Auckland Location and Date
The Auckland seminar will be held on Friday 5th-7th April 2019 at NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM - Auckland Campus from - 9am to 5pm each day.

Address: Room 5, 382 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023
CPD Points and Learning Environment
This seminar is in a process on applying 21CPD points with AcNZ and NZASA - That is enough CPD points for a whole year.

We are keeping numbers limited to ensure time for practicals.

Kirsten is passionate about learning, and being trained for over 7 years in NLP knows that you all learn differently, so bring a cushion, small bean bag, blankets or whatever makes you comfortable. We learn the most when we have an open mind to new and different ways to do things.

To look after the environment notes will be available for download, so feel free to bring your Laptop or iPad to take notes.​
Secure your spot and learn the latest in practical Fertility Acupuncture Training in Auckland, April 2019.
As an added bonus, Kirsten provides ongoing FREE mentoring via a closed Facebook group + access to Dropbox that is full of her handouts and other information.

Fertile Life Method Seminar

3 Day Interactive Seminar

5th-7th April 2019
Full Fee: $999 NZD 
Early Bird: $888NZD (before 5/03/2019) 
Super Early Bird: 855 NZD (before 5/02/2019)

Secure your spot now and pay in full to Save $144.

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